Application Note for Security

Camera installations for surveillance purposes, or CCTV, are ubiquitous in private and public settings. To use these systems to their full capability for vehicle or traffic analysis, they either require a dedicated 24/7 operator available screening the feeds, possibly assisted by video analytics triggering on activity, or intelligent realtime triggering or smart post-fact analysis. In this use case we will go over common applications of the Intrada ALPR libraries for security and some creative uses of ALPR technology to support modern surveillance systems.

Different implementations of video analytics can be made, and through it, the efficacy of the system is largely determined. One of the major factors in determining where the ALPR is deployed is connectivity and bandwidth, local privacy laws, and security regulations on the site itself. In these examples, we will go over merits and drawbacks of the choices and how drawbacks can be avoided or worked around. Here developers can really push the envelope to deliver new and exciting applications.