Intrada ALPR

With the Intrada® product family, Q-Free delivers the most accurate solution for vehicle identification and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) in the market today.


Intrada licenses operational
in over 150 states and countries around the world

Single licenses

You can purchase licenses of Intrada ALPR and Intrada Live locked by a USB dongle. Such Intrada licenses are available for Linux and Windows. Through the form below you can share your interest in puchasing Intrada Live or Intrada ALPR. In response, you will be contacted shortly by a Q-Free sales representative.

OEM Integration

When condering to integrate automatic license plate recogntion functionality into your own products, you may be interested in becoming OEM partner. With a solid bundled product and anticipated market/volumes in mind, we will together work towards a suitabale commercial model and technical integration. In the end with the same goal: bringing a commercially succesful product or feature to the market.


To deliver extremely accurate recognition performance you can contact us for establishing a project. Based on the specific project requirements we will estalish a suitable offering based on (a combination of) Intrada ALPR licenses and Intrada Synergy Server services.

Application Areas


Video enforcement systems in free-flow and gated tolling plaza's as well as ALPR suitbale for all-electronic toll collection.

Law enforcement

Embedded in-policecar live processing as well as automatic identification in spot speed, average speed and red-light enforcement systems.


Barrierless indoor parking and mobile on-street parking enforcement.


Improve mobility experience through travel time estimation, traffic counting, weigh-in-motion, etc.


Adding meta-data about passing vehicles in video management systems and smart ALPR cameras for surveillance purposes.

Mobile enforcement

Cars and scooters equipped with cameras and embedded ALPR for efficient vehicle detection and parking enforcement.