Intrada® Insight is a scalable high-performance end-to-end image processing and review solution for video-based electronic toll collection (ETC) with manual image review. A turnkey solution that enables toll road operators and system integrators to achieve significant operational cost reductions and maximizing tolling revenues. Intrada® Insight is camera and back-office supplier agnostic providing flexibility to work with any existing or new toll system.

Intrada® Insight intelligent processing tightly integrates advanced self-learning video analytics with project optimized image processing, efficient, innovative Manual Image Review (MIR) subsystem, and comprehensive status reporting. Intrada® Insight deployments process millions of passages per day at unparalleled performance. Intrada® Insight saves millions of dollars per year over the traditional image review systems currently deployed by many toll agencies.

Q-Free Intrada® Insight excels in delivering video tolling solutions with the lowest operational cost in the market. It combines superior predictable system performance with a novel manual review process that greatly increases operator efficiency. After a short tuning period to optimize for local conditions and customer requirements, Intrada® Insight can reach ≥ 99% automation rate with ≤ 0.05% error rate / ≥ 99.95% read accuracy.

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  • It’s predictable: Lowest error rates, highest accuracy, and automation rates in video tolling
  • It’s cost-effective: Maximum revenue, minimal operational expenses
  • It’s versatile: Works with any back-office and roadside equipment
  • It’s scalable: Scales with traffic volume, performance requirements, or expanding operations
  • It’s efficient: Helps operators to identify issues with vehicle passages quickly and easily with intelligent manual review


  • Automation rates up 99% with a read accuracy of up to 99.95% / 0.05% error rate.
  • Supports over 200 states and countries worldwide including new plate styles and all plate types issued in North America.
  • Customizable business rules and business logic to integrate with existing business systems, processes, and 3rd party interfaces.
  • Video tolling performance and system reports provided out of the box.
  • Supports any lane image capture system and all major back-office platforms.
  • Accurate self-learning automation enabled by intelligent manual review.
  • Completely web-based deployment with interactive and responsive user feedback.
  • Can support over 300 concurrent manual reviewer operators at once to quickly reduce transaction backlogs.

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