Intrada® Synergy Server (ISS) is a high-performance image processing solution for video-based passages suitable for tolling, centralized access control such as parking, and speed enforcement. The Intrada® Synergy Server automation engine is project tuned to optimize read accuracy or error rate delivering unparalleled performance and available for over 200 countries worldwide. Deployed as either on premise or cloud software, Intrada® Synergy Server is camera and back office supplier agnostic providing the flexibility to work with any existing or new video infrastructure. Based on Intrada Insight, ISS is a proven practical solution for video tolling integrators and parking operators.

Reliable automation rates and error rates have proven to help reduce uncertainty in operations and significantly reduce billing errors and leakage. Intrada® Synergy Server can reach ≥ 99% automation rates with ≤ 0.05% error rate / ≥ 99.95% read accuracy. For parking / access control we can make reliable, centralized, video-only access control deployments possible with Intrada® Synergy Server providing 100% identification.

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  • It’s proven: The video processing backbone to many operational tolling and parking systems worldwide.
  • It’s predictable: Stable low error rates at high accuracy and automation rates.
  • It’s versatile: Works with any back-office and hardware equipment for any application, on premise or cloud.
  • It’s scalable: Scales with traffic volume, performance requirements or expanding operations.
  • It’s flexible: Customizable business rules and business logic to integrate with existing business systems, processes and 3rd party interfaces.


  • Automation rates up to 99% with a read accuracy of up to 99.95% / 0.05% error rate.
  • Supports over 200 states and countries worldwide including new plate styles and all plate types issued in North America.
  • Customizable business rules and business logic to integrate with existing business systems, processes and 3rd party interfaces.
  • Video tolling performance and system reports provided out of the box.
  • Supports any lane image capture system and all major back office platforms.
  • Transparent integration in any road user charging system.


Automation Performance Extended Video Analytics
Intrada ALPR Car model and make recognition (MMR)
Intrada VSR Vehicle color recognition
Grouping Vehicle class identification
Multiple OCR engines
Trusted plates and signatures Reporting
Selective sampling Audit trail per passage
Operations performance
Robustness and Scalability System performance
Vertical and horizontal (dynamic) scalability Image quality monitoring
Crash-tolerant Information Security
Automated backups Single Sign-On (SSO) compatible
SSL encryption
Identification Options Authentication and password enforcement
List-based identification and queuing LDAP support
First-N-seen assurance One-way password encryption
Use roadside ALPR results and metadata Configurable retention policy
Pass-through and enriching of received metadata Vulnerability and patch management program
People / driver masking
User configurable identification options

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