For road safety and explicitly showing possible dangers in emergency situations, tanker trucks and containers are marked with dangerous goods signs to inform about possible risks. The orange signs show the Kemler Code (hazard identification) on the top row and on the bottom row the UN substance identification number. Trucks may also carry empty signes to indicate cleaned containers of multiple different substances.

To incease the effectivity of these signs, traffic cameras capture these dangerous good signs for remote inspection. For efficiency and thus to further increase effectivity in traffic safety and infomobility systems, Q-Free provides software for extremely accurate automatic detection and identification of Dangerous Goods signs. The software finds and reads the orange two-line signs in an image. For each sign, it returns the Kemler Code and UN-Number. It furthermore reports on the detected empty dangerous goods signs.

Key benefit is the accuracy of INTRADA® Dangerous Goods sign Recognition. Over 99% of the signs are detected, still reporting less than 0.1% false positives on color images without a sign. Further, INTRADA® correctly recognizes the dangerous goods codes of over 99.9% of the detected plates – even in low contrast imagery. Vehicles and images may contain multiple dangerous goods signs; INTRADA® returns all corresponding codes.

INTRADA® Dangerous Goods Sign Recognition is available as software library on any regular processing platform as well as feature module of INTRADA® Synergy Server for remote and hosted video analysis.

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