You can now use the convenience of the .NET environment with Intrada ALPR on any platform.

Recently we released Intrada ALPR .NET for Core .NET to offer support for Linux, Windows and MacOS on many different architectures though the same interface. This means you can use the same code base, our .NET ALPR library with an unchanged API, and easily move across technologies. Make your application available on more distribution channels, reduce dependence on hardware, and use the advantages of microservices and scalable systems without changing your code. At the same time, using .NET Core prepares you for the future of .NET development as the .NET Framework gets phased out.

Intrada ALPR .NET is a managed library that abstracts the Intrada ALPR instructions to the object oriented concepts as used -for example- C# and VB .NET and provides a convenient way to use the intrada.dll library. It eases multithreaded processing through an interface class that arranges for the threading and queuing. Additionally, Intrada ALPR for .NET provides all the .NET conveniences like automatically freeing of memory and closing of the library as well as IDE helpers like Intelligence tool tips.