Wollongong company Ybern is one of a growing number of Illawarra businesses doing more work in Sydney. And in the process helping people feel safe during COVID-19.

On September 3 the Wollongong manufacture, design, and installation company Ybern celebrated the opening of its sixth ticketless car park in North Sydney. The 550 space Ward Street parking facility features contactless options that make paying for a car space fast and easy. The Ward Street car park is the sixth ticketless parking system Ybern has installed for North Sydney Council after it won the equipment tender in 2017. Others are located in Hume Street, Alexander Street, Holtermann Street, Ridge Street, and Nicholson Street.

Ybern has continually developed the technology to offer different products for customers such as early bird parking, night-time and weekend flat rates, and monthly parking leases including options for reserved parking with license plate validation. Mr Stojackovic said it was great Ybern’s locally designed and made technology was providing reliable and safe options for people needing to park during COVID-19.

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