We pride ourselves in offering multiple licensing options for our Intrada ALPR software library. Flexibly catering to different projects, with unique earning models, allows making marketing leading ALPR recognition available regardless of how big your operation is or will be.

Standard license

If you have a project or product that requires high accuracy and reliable ALPR engine without strings attached, Q-Free Intrada ALPR is the software solution for you. We can provide licenses for projects of any size, with or without support, a la carte, and as soon as you need it. Our license allows for a single country engine (ie. proper formatting of the plate) and a generic ALPR reader that provided non-grammatic reading. Additional engines can be purchased separately. For server and workstation deployment we offer the use of a hardware dongle.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license

If you are an Original Equipment Manufacturer or supplier to them for the main electronics and software there are a large number of points to consider when sourcing your ALPR. The cost of developing and supporting the many plate styles that need to be catered for at high accuracy is high and getting image sets from and training to a specific region is not trivial. At the same time, you do not want operations held up by external suppliers. We provide that great middle ground of control over your production or release process and provide the knowledge needed for great ALPR. A dongle is not required.

The OEM license is typically offered as a no-risk framework contract with support where pricing is set based on expected volume per year. We provide a licensing and invoicing contract that is convenient for all our OEM customers regardless of their size and desired workflow.

Performance license

When your project requires a guaranteed minimum level of accuracy or error rates in the license plate reads we want to make sure you get the consistent quality you require. Particularly in regions with challenging license plate styles can be challenging when you are aiming for consistent reads. In these situations, we recommend defining a project with us where we, based on your image sets, set, tune, and adjust our library and settings to meet your -or your customers’- requirements. Unlike our off-the-shelf licenses, we guarantee it and support it during its contracted lifetime.

The performance license is typically offered as a multi-year contract with support or a combination of a per-camera license price with a performance contract that incentivizes meeting and exceeding the needed performance.