Intrada Live is the Q-Free solution for Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) with video triggering. Based on the highly accurate Intrada ALPR engine and reliable Q-Free tracking and triggering technology, Intrada Live analyses live video streams in real-time and returns the registration number of passing vehicle.

With Intrada Live, Q-Free offers you the ability to integrate ALPR as an OEM component into your own access control and traffic management systems and facilitate the implementation of video triggering. No more hardware is required for external triggers, reducing the cost and impact of detection while increasing vehicle throughput at entry and exit points. Its ability to record live video, you can determine and prove actual detection and recognition rate of any operational system.

Unsure what ALPR product you need? Read our article on selecting an ALPR engine to get to grips with some of the jargon and choices you have.

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Features Applications
  • Read video from any type of IP camera
  • Detect and identify vehicles
  • Report direction of detected vehicles
  • Optional external triggering connection
  • Determine and prove performance at location
  • Live video feed and recording
  • High reliability with extremely low error rates
  • Unmatched accuracy and read rates
  • Country and State identification
  • More than 200 supported countries
  • Operational installations all over the world


Video formats Raw frames Platforms Operating Systems
MJPEG 8bit grayscale PC Windows
H.264 8bit Bayer (CFA) Atom Linux
RTSP 12bit grayscale ARM Solaris
RAW frames 24bit RGB DSP
36bit RGB PowerPC
YCC 4:2:2 Raspberry Pi
YUV 4:2:0 Pine A64


A full list of supported countries and regions is available here.