Intrada® ALPR (ANPR) is the Q-Free software library solution for Automatic License/Number Plate Recognition (ALPR/ANPR). Intrada® ALPR (ANPR) offers an SDK for reading registration numbers from images. We offer an API for easy integration with C++, C, C# and other .NET applications.

Intrada® ALPR SDK is already used by many OEM partners and integrators worldwide. Applications range from parking, access control and surveillance systems to speed enforcement systems and tolling systems. Reason to choose for Intrada® ALPR is always the combination of accuracy and ease of API integration with the availability of any country module and the ability to run on any regular platform.

Unsure what ALPR product you need? Read our article on selecting an ALPR engine to get to grips with some of the jargon and choices you have.

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Licensing and Maintenance

Project* OEM Single
Model Long-term contract Yearly contract One-off
Free SDK Included
Rebranding / White Label
Pricing Performance-based SLA Forecast annual volumes Per camera or recognition
Software maintenance Included Included Optional (15% yearly)
Customer support
Primary service
Software maintenance Included Included Optional (15% yearly)
Performance requirements
User requests
Bug fixes
Platestyle changes
Supported countries Over 150 countries and states around the world
Countries included All All 1 country + generic
Hardware locking None None USB dongle

Application of Intrada® ALPR in tolling back offices typically implies tuning and meeting specific level of identification performance. For such projects we invite you to contact us directly.

Technical Specifications

Supported API languages C, C+, C# and other .NET languages
Available bindings Java, Python
Managed cloud Available
Image processor Available
Image file formats JPG (8bit/12bit), TIFF, BMP, PNG
Raw image formats (in memory) 8bit grayscale, 8it Bayer (CFA), 12bit grayscale, 24bit RGB, 36bit RGB, YCC 4:2:2, YUV 4:2:0
Video triggering Available
Video formats MJPEG, H.264, RTSP, RAW frames (in memory)
Processor Windows Linux Android Solaris Other
ARM family*

*) Support for the ARM family encompasses all regular processor and configuration variants, including the models as installed on the various Raspberry Pi and Pine processor boards.