Since 2012, the Raspberry Pi Single-board computer series have developed to an affordable yet powerful processing platform. In its latest issues, the computer features a quad-core processor with gigabytes of RAM. Its price point and capabilities have made it a good choice for close to any (embedded) application.

Q-Free confirms these possibilities and delivers the offering for world-leading Intrada® ALPR software as application or OEM module for the various Raspberry Pi models. Intrada ALPR automatic license plate recognition runs natively on the embedded ARM processor, with support for license plates all over the world. To this purpose, field tests have proven suitability for live video and image processing, with applicability in monitoring, parking and access control applications.

With Intrada Live for Raspberry Pi you can connect to any IP camera and trigger on passing vehicles. You can also read video directly from the onboard CSI interface. Intrada Live reports triggers and identifications to a local application or to any remote server. When choosing for SDK integration, you can feed frames directly to the Intrada shared library for automatic license plate recognition.

Unsure what ALPR product you need? Read our article on selecting an ALPR engine to get to grips with some of the jargon and choices you have.

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Package includes full SDK, user manual, reference manual, software libraries, code samples, and Intrada license.


File formats Raw frames Platforms Operating Systems
JPG 8bit grayscale ARMv6Z Suse
TIFF 8bit Bayer (CFA) ARMv7-A Fedora
PNG 12bit grayscale ARMv8-A Red Sleeve
BMP 24bit RGB many more Raspbian
RAW frames 36bit RGB Slackware
YCC 4:2:2
YUV 4:2:0


A full list of supported countries and regions is available here.